July and August Children’s Programs

July 24th at 1pm — Family Fishing Part 2 of 2 from the PA Fish & Boat Commission
During this one hour program, learn the basics of knotting, rigging and baiting. Casting skills will also be covered. Sign up is required. 20 seats available. Ages 5-12.

July 25th at 11am — Craft: Superhero Jet Pack
Blast off with your jet pack using upcycled 2-liter bottles! Ages 5-8.

July 27th at 11am — Field trip: Paradise Fishing Preserve
Meet us at the Fish Preserve for fishing fun! Please note: This is NOT catch and release! You are required to take your fish with you, so please come with a bucket to transport your fish home. Sign up is required. Ages 5-12.

July 28th at 6pm — Craft: Cupcake fish
Create an underwater scene using cupcake liners to make colorful fish! Sign up is required. Ages 3 & up.

July 29th at 11am — Way Back Wednesday!
Movie: Superman (PG). Go back in time to when Christopher Reeve was Superman. Popcorn is provided but please bring your own beverage. Parental supervision and sign up required. All ages welcome.

July 31st at 1pm — Learn about Marie Curie
Ms. Parzych from TEC will talk about Marie Curie, the first person ever to win TWO Nobel Prizes and discuss x-rays with a fun activity. Sign up is required. 25 seats available. Ages 8-11.

August 1st at 11am — Craft: Mini Superheroes
Use a variety of materials to create a superhero from a craft stick! Sign up is required. Maximum 24 children. Ages 6 & up.

August 4th at 6pm — Sleepy Time Story Hour
Come dressed in your PJ’s to hear some stories before bedtime. Sign up is required. Ages 2-8.

August 6th at 1pm — Super Reader’s Review
Take the spotlight! Share your favorite book from your summer reading with others. Highlight the best parts or tell us what you did not like about it. Sign up is required. Ages 7-11.

August 7th at 11am — Dental Health for Kids
This program will provide visual aids that will address common oral health concerns. Hand puppets and songs will be used to interactively demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. Sign up is required. 40 seats available. Ages 3-12.

August 10th at 2pm — Closing Party
Super Science Tellers: Join us on an epic, laughter-filled adventure featuring incredible and interactive science experiments with pressure, gravity, surface tension, energy, mass and much more! Enjoy this spectacular adventure and be swept away to a place where ‘super’ heroes truly do exist! Sign up is required.



July and August Programs

Tuesday, July 23rd, 6pm

Marilyn Monroe: the facts Behind the Figure by Norm Rubin

This presentation covers the entire life of this world famous actress. It includes her childhood, her early career as a model and budding actress, her career as a movie star, her major movies, her three marriages, her spiral downward as a result of marrying Arthur Miller, her use of drugs and alcohol, her relationship to the Kennedy’s, and her untimely death in 1962. This presentation is a result of extensive research and includes factual information and “tid-bits” that most attendees are unaware of and will most likely find surprising. It includes many photographs that are suitable for viewing by people of all ages and none are of a sexually explicit nature.


Tuesday, August 4th, 6:30pm

“The Mind is Magic”

Mentalist/Mindreading and Hypnosis Demonstration

You are in for a unique experience as you get to witness and (if you choose) participate in the art & science of Hypnosis. This unique program will be a fun, humorous and entertaining presentation.

Join Hypnotist Stephen Christopher as he demonstrates the amazing power of the human imagination and have a chance to win some unique door prizes. You can participate in this FUN and entertaining demonstration of Hypnosis and Mentalist / Mind-Reading. Stephen Christopher’s entertainment is featured regularly at the most popular venues in the Northeast. www.MrHypno.com


Thursday, August 6th, 6pm Norm Rubin

Space Exploration & the Possibilities of Extraterrestrial Life

This presentation covers the Hollywood science fiction movies and novels that influenced the presenter’s interest in space travel and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. It includes an overview of our space program, the presenter’s personal contributions to the space program that led to the Hubel Telescope and the development of the voice communication system for the Space Shuttle. It includes a discussion of unidentified flying objects (UFO) sightings such as the Roswell New Mexico incident in 1947 and other UFO sightings from the 1940’s till the time of the ancient Roman and Greek empires.


Tuesday, August 11th, 6pm

Lake Naomi Drama Club presents “The Last Day of W.O.R.K.”

The Lake Naomi Drama Club will present a free Readers Theatre performance of “The Last Day at W.O.R.K.” on Tuesday evening, august 11th at 6:00 pm at the Clymer Library. This amusing play about a radio station in the South which is closing due to the retirement of its owners features many of the station’s regulars, including a weather person, gardening expert, Elvis fan and even a psychic! Come see 16 Lake Naomi actors create these unusual characters. Carol Ray, Director


Thursday, August 20th, 6pm

Headed towards retirement? –Mary Jeanne Robinson

Be sure you’re traveling in the right direction. From financial concerns to sound solutions, let’s talk about the challenges you face as you navigate the road toward retirement. Join Mary Jeanne Robinson for the Choose Your Retirement Path Seminar. Listen to the discussion and let her help you point in the right direction.


Saturday, August 22nd, 2pm Vicky Ann Trimmer

Identity Theft:  Know the Risks – Reduce the Risks

Presented by GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs) Pennsylvania State President, CPA and lawyer, Vicky Ann Trimmer.  Identity Theft is a growing concern.  During the workshop we will discuss ways to reduce your risk of being a victim. This is an interactive fun workshop that will help you protect yourself.


Tuesday, August 25th, 6pm Quiet Valley Historical Farm

Food Preservation – From Salt to Canning Jars

Before the days of electric refrigerators and freezers, and a grocery store at every corner, being able to preserve enough food to last throughout the winter was a life and death proposition. Learn about the variety of food preservation methods available to the early Pennsylvania settler, including salting, drying, smoking, and storing food in root cellars and springhouses. The program will also look at the development of home canning, and how it revolutionized the diet and health of the American people.


Friday, August 28th, 10am-2pm

Blood Drive – American Red Cross